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:: Thursday, November 25, 2004 ::

Arabian Gulf!
All living around the world should know that The Persian Gulf will remain The Persian Gulf. Never will it be changed to The Arabian Gulf. NEVER!

:: Ahmadreza 3:56 PM [+] ::
:: Saturday, October 18, 2003 ::
All right, I'm back after a while. Unfortunately, I was so busy that I could write nothing, even for Shirin Ebadi and the wonderful prize she won. Anyway, I try to keep my English log alive.
:: Ahmadreza 2:02 PM [+] ::
:: Friday, September 26, 2003 ::
Morocco is absolutely beautiful; its fields of barley are fascinating and so are Rif Mountains. Bruno Barbey's works named My Morocco created something especial in mind. Thanks Mr. Barbey.
:: Ahmadreza 10:27 PM [+] ::
These days, almost all headlines are about Iran's nuclear bomb. I don't know what exactly UN will do if Iranian officials don't conform the ultimatum, but, logically, there are three different possibilities:
1) Following heavy pressure of western countries, Iranians will allow UN inspectors to inspect Iran's facilities prepared for producing nuclear bombs. At the same time, authorities will try to create some artificial crisis in the political scene of Iran.
2) To keep their early statements and to confirm how much they are fundamental, Iranian authorities will never conform the ultimatum, and western countries, to show how much they are resolute to control mass destruction weapons, will put Iran under heavy pressure, both politically and economically. If HAWKS in the US administration are able to persuade their European counterparts, a very terrible war against Iran will not be very strange.
3) The third possibility, in my opinion, is rather likely. Iran won't take the ultimatum seriously and neither will western countries. Considering secret contacts between Iranians and western countries as well as Iran's policies to manage crisis during all 25 past years, Iranians will not allow UN inspectors to investigate Iran's nuclear facilities, but, to solve the problem, they will offer some financial advantages to the western countries in general and European ones in particular.
Personally, I stand on the third point. In fact, we have seen this story many times since hardliners came to power in early years of the Islamic Revolution era. European countries have ignored many troubles caused by Iranian hardliners during the last two decades. Who can believe that they are resolute enough this time to make Iran not follow its terrorist activities anymore?
:: Ahmadreza 12:28 AM [+] ::
:: Wednesday, September 24, 2003 ::
If I were a Zahra Kazemi's relative, I would never participate in the court held by judiciary officials. What are they looking for exactly? Justice? Truth? I'm sure they will never find these foolish stuff in an Islamic court held in Iran!!!
:: Ahmadreza 10:30 PM [+] ::
:: Sunday, September 14, 2003 ::
Under no circumstances, could I ignore this photo taken by Mr. Abbas. Focusing on the Moqtada Sadr's face, Abbas precisely depicts a fundamental interpretation of Islam, which is full of hostility and dogmatism.
:: Ahmadreza 12:19 AM [+] ::
:: Friday, September 12, 2003 ::
Hadi Soleimanpour was freed on £730,000 bail. The report shocked me. I cannot understand why British court has freed the Iranian diplomat. I know British officials have very close ties with fundamental clerics in Iran, but, as regards judiciary, I had another thought.
:: Ahmadreza 7:01 PM [+] ::
:: Thursday, September 11, 2003 ::
Since I started to write my nostalgic notes in English, I have known a few Persian writers who write their books in English. Before I knew Azar Nafisi, Marjane Satrapi and Firoozeh Dumas, I had known Anahita Afrouz, but I never found the right time to write something about the Pittsburgh-based writer and her first novel named in the walled gardens. The acclaimed novel of Iranian novelist is about the Islamic Revolution in 1979, one of the most controversial events in the past fifty years of our history.
:: Ahmadreza 9:48 PM [+] ::
:: Wednesday, September 10, 2003 ::
A federal judge has charged Iran of being responsible in a terrorist attack in April 18, 1983 in Beirut. It is not, of course, the first such a verdict, but coinciding the verdict with detaining of former ambassador in Argentina is really clear-cut. It stands no reason that all countries try to persuade Iranian officials not to keep on their activities anymore, but, unfortunately, reading news like attacking on the UK embassy for the second time during seven past days and Mr. Kharazi's threatening statements, I come to this conclusion that Iranian officials will never change the current policy which is absolutely destructive.
:: Ahmadreza 11:35 PM [+] ::
I got the result of IELTS exam yesterday. The result is not perfect but it is enough not to lose the chance of immigration. I will send the document for the Canadian embassy in Damascus on Saturday. Thanks god!
:: Ahmadreza 3:53 PM [+] ::
:: Tuesday, September 09, 2003 ::
This morning, before I come to the office, I turned on the computer to check my mailbox. Meanwhile, I checked headlines and saw the very awful article of Washington Post about the upward tendency in the number of Iranians who eagerly leave their native land.
It's not something strange, considering many problems Iranians are facing these days. To me, terrible economical conditions caused by the wrong decisions made by stupid experts of the Islamic governments, brutal conflicts in the political scene of Iran and power struggle between so-called reformists and hardliner clerics as well as lack of freedom, both political and cultural, are absolutely bothering, but, personally, I have another reason.
The reason which makes me take immigration seriously is the situation of working atmosphere in Iran. In my homeland, to become successful, you don't need to be honest and try to do your duties well; what is not important is honesty and conscientiousness. In fact, the only way to reach a good position in most of Iranian companies is making relations with those key managers. When rules are not as strong as relations, I and those who are not able to work in this way must give up everything and immigrate to another country.
:: Ahmadreza 10:31 AM [+] ::
:: Monday, September 01, 2003 ::
Iranian, a very famous website between Iranians living in Iran or outside, has published two articles. The first one, in fact, is an interview with Ali Akbar Saeedi Sirjani' daughter and the second one is a very exciting article about Maryam, a film about Iranians living in the US. The interview with Saye may seem too long, but I hope you will be patient enough to read it carefully and completely. To encourage my friends to read these two articles, I would like to quote some parts of articles.
If he were alive
"Nonetheless, I think that If he were alive, he could have said so much and would have written so much more. His pen was broken too soon. Who do I think is responsible? Well the totality of the Islamic regime is accountable but the Vali Faghih (Ayatollah Khamenei) is on top of the list. It was a fatwa from Khamenei to get rid of my father; it was on his specific orders. Hossein Sharitmadari had an important role with this crime as my father had made a formal complaint against him."
Hate this movie
"One challenge is the mystery surrounding how many Iranians are in the U.S. I often hear impressive numbers: "Did you know that there are two million Iranians in Orange County?" Trusted sources estimate the total number in the U.S. to be slightly more than one million. No matter, an Iranian sociologist told me that the challenge may simply be this: the strongest motivation for people is what pleases them "below the neck." Parties, dancing and food will always bring out the bigger crowds. Anything "above the neck" -- politics, poetry, films -- just can't compete."
:: Ahmadreza 10:24 PM [+] ::
:: Friday, August 29, 2003 ::
Perspolis, the most popular football club in Iran, commenced the third professional league with a wonderful performance and a very nice victory against Pegah. The club as well as the new coach, Croatian Begovic, needed the victory to persuade those fanatic fans of former coach to not follow him anymore.
Ali Parvin, one of the best Iranian football players in his era, was head coach of the club for just about three years. He, in my opinion, is the symbol of those bigoted Iranians who strongly strive against any changes and any improvements to protect their own positions and their own benefits. He supports a very traditional form of tactic related to many years ago, and, unfortunately, he persistently states that he does not need to study the lessons of pioneer coaches and football theoreticians. Following the poor performances and poor results of Perspolis during past three years, the club manager came to this conclusion that he had to make some changes in the club. To begin reforms, at the end of the previous session and after a long dispute, the club manager hired the Croatian coach who had been extremely successful in Iran since three years ago. Of course, hearing the news, Ali Parvin tried to make some players not obey the club manager's decision. Meanwhile, he, along with those gutter newspapers supporting him, attempted to deter the manager not to make any changes in the club, but, fortunately, he and his supporters were completely unsuccessful.
Emerging new ways and thoughts, I hope we will see very deep changes in national football. I ask myself "When will we see a similar reform in the political scene of Iran?"
:: Ahmadreza 8:01 PM [+] ::
:: Monday, August 25, 2003 ::
All right, I took the test yesterday and the day before yesterday. The Listening section held on Saturday was a real disaster. I missed several questions, and, as a consequence, I answered some multiple choice questions by chance as well as by analyzing the answers! As regards Writing and Reading section, I tried to do my best, but I am not sure whether I will score required mark or not. Speaking section was not too bad. Even though I stopped speaking two or three times, I was satisfied with my performance at the end of the interview session. In fact, it was not so hard that I had thought.
At the end, I have to name a very nice friend. Mojtaba Akhtari, prosperous doctor who writes his letters from London, was really helpful; sending e-mail and giving some useful information about IELTS exam, he helped me to be confident. Thanks Mojtaba, thanks a billion.
:: Ahmadreza 10:50 AM [+] ::
:: Monday, August 11, 2003 ::
According to an unofficial report, Mr. Hashem Aghajari, Iranian imprisoned lecturer, is nominated to get the Peace Noble Prize 2003. He, of course, must compete with some world-famous rivals - Irish Bono, Pope John Paul the Second, Czech Vaclav Havel, Chinese Wei Jingsheng as well as Israeli Mordechai Vanunu.
Winning the prize is an honor, both for Mr. Aghajari and Iranians living all over the world. The prize will put the name of all imprisoned journalists and writers on the headlines, but, it, I personally believe, will not affect the blocked reform process in Iran.
:: Ahmadreza 11:46 AM [+] ::
:: Saturday, August 02, 2003 ::
"He faced difficulties with the authorities in 1992, which led to him having his work licence revoked for 2 years when he made "Recording the Truth", a controversial documentary about censorship in Iran."
The quotation is a part of Kaveh Golestan's biography. Preparing a report about the war between Iraqi soldiers and coalition forces in the North of Iarq, Kaveh Golestan, the acclamied Iranian photojournalist, was killed a few months ago.
:: Ahmadreza 4:19 PM [+] ::
Here is where exactly I desire to be. Tired of hard working for several months, I need a great holiday, but, unfortunately, I must continue; It is not the right time to give up everything and go to holiday.
After taking the IELTS exam on August 23rd, I must prepare myself to take TOEFL and GRE exam. The IELTS exam I have registered is a General Training module, which is appropriate for immigration affairs and is not accepted for academic purposes. It was not my own decision, of course. The letter I had received from Canadian Immigration Officials enforced me to sit the General Training module; the unexpected letter, in fact, changed all my programs. At that time, I postponed everything to the days after August 23rd, so, to continue my previous program, I have to begin to prepare myself for the other English exam on August 24th!
What bothers me is that I think it is too late to apply for a PHD program at the ages of 27. Now I am 27 and I got my Master's Degree just about three years ago. It is what sometimes makes me irresolute. It might seem very ridiculous, I know, but this negative thought sometimes affects me and makes me puzzled.
In spite of all these destructive thoughts, I do continue. Under no circumstances will I give up studying. Even if I knew all universities would reject my application without paying attention to my researches and publications, I would apply for the PHD program. It is what I had to do last year, but, unfortunately, I did not take it seriously and gave up everything following some problems I had faced.
:: Ahmadreza 3:48 PM [+] ::
:: Friday, July 25, 2003 ::
Having directed Joy of Madness, Hana Makhmalbaf who is the youngest children of acclaimed Iranian Mohsen Makhmalbaf, is nominated for an award at Venice Film Festival. The 14-year film director is strongly supported by her pioneer sister, Samira, who believes the first professional film of Hana is much better than Kandehar and At Five in the Afternoon directed by her father and herself respectively.
:: Ahmadreza 11:15 PM [+] ::
:: Wednesday, July 23, 2003 ::
Without paying attention to Stephen's requisition and Canadian officials' demand, Iranian authorities buried the body of Zahra Kazemi. It seems Canadians must take the case more seriously than before.
:: Ahmadreza 3:57 PM [+] ::
:: Friday, July 18, 2003 ::
In Iran, detaining journalists and writers is not a very strange and unpredictable event. In fact, hearing such reports shocks no one. The account of killing a journalist, of course, is absolutely different. Even though, judiciary officials easily arrest political activists and journalists but they try to prevent investigators and interrogators from killing them. It does not mean hardliners are so law-abiding that they never torture their captives but it means killing a journalist is so troublemaker that they try to avoid.
The last time, of course, they made a foolish mistake. They thought that Zahra Kazemi was not very famous and no one would follow her story. They were completely at fault. When the journalist was taken to hospital due to wild behavior of interrogators, they understood what mistake they had made. Torrent of reports, articles and press conferences, along with the pressure of International bodies and firms, turned their wild entertainment to a real disaster.
Even though reformists were not involved in this terrible story but, according to the diplomatic rules, they are responsible to prepare a clear and reasonable answer for the questions of Canadian officials. It is what has made Iranian officials bewildered; the questioning of Canadian officials seems much serious. The vice president states that Zahra Kazemi has died of a brain hemorrhage resulting from beatings and confirming the fact that she has died of a brain hemorrhage, Foreign Minister added that she might have fallen or had an accident! These contradictory statements show how much they are confused. I do believe they clearly know the truth but they are not brave enough to unfold who has killed Zahra Kazemi and how. Reformists must know the case is not very different from assassinations of intellectuals occurred in 1998.
:: Ahmadreza 1:15 PM [+] ::